Aten VPK104 4-Key Contact Closure Remote Pad for VP1420/VP1421 Presentation Matrix Switches. Led lights, Engraved button


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The VPK104 is a 4-button contact closure remote pad designed for use with VP1420/VP1421 Presentation Matrix Switch. By connecting the contact closure ports between the remote pad and a presentation switch, the VPK104 provides a convenient interface to switch the input sources for a video presentation switch from a wall-mounted faceplate. The VPK104 is an easy and affordable solution, perfect to serve as the control interface in a meeting room, class room, or lecture room.

• 4-button contact closure remote control pad for ATEN VP1420/VP1421 Presentation Matrix Switches
• Easy connection via contact closure; no extra power source required
• 4-pole captive screw connectors for ease of installation
• LED lights for port selection status indication
• Engraved buttons for intuitive port indication and operation

Warranty: 24
Vendor: Aten
Vendor SKU: VPK104-AT

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 50 cm