PanzerGlass™ SilverBullet ClearCase for iPhone 13 Mini – The ultimate survivor


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PanzerGlass™ SilverBullet ClearCase for iPhone 13 Mini

Brand new case to Premium segment to ensure a stronger distinction. Antibacterial PanzerGlass – proven to kill up to 99.99% of most common surface bacteria that may affect this product. Built for Toughness – The strongest case we ever made – PMMA backside and 100% recycled TPU frame – Millitary grade standard.


Most powerful ClearCase™ ever
More than 19% better protecting performance
Plastic frame surrounding rear cameras
Tempered anti-aging glass back
Works w. wireless charging
Honeycomb pattern to enhance shock absorption
Slim fashionable design
Slightly swelling bumpers in all corners to
Enhance protection

Warranty: 12
Vendor: Panzer Glass
Vendor SKU: 0318

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Dimensions 195 × 108 × 12 cm