Netcomm EM1550 ADSL2+ In line Splitter (LS)


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· Designed to get the best from your ADSL2+ Internet connection
· Prevents your ADSL connection from interfering with your phone or fax signal
· No Internet session drop-outs or noise on your telephone – giving you an excellent broadband experience.
· Telstra approved ADSL Telephone Splitter and Filter in one – connect your telephone/fax and ADSL modem to a single telephone wall socket.
· Conforms to Telstra RCIT .0004
· Also compatible with ADSL and ADSL2
· Designed to connect multiple filters in parallel, without deteriorating the voice quality or causing interference on the line
· Also suitable for alarm systems


Warranty: 12
Vendor: NetComm
Vendor SKU: EM1550

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Dimensions 100 × 80 × 40 cm